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La Industria Química Europea Podría Extinguirse en una Década

Aunque en inglés, recomendamos la lectura de este interesante artículo, y su posterior reflexión. Os dejamos con una parte del mismo, que luego podéis continuar leyendo en el link que facilitamos.

The European chemicals industry could be mostly wiped out within the next 10 years if regulators do not move to increase the region’s competitiveness, the chairman of Switzerland-headquartered chemicals producer INEOS said on Friday.

Writing in an open letter to European Commission president Jose Barroso, INEOS chief Jim Ratcliffe said that chemicals producers could go the way of the European textile industry, felled by an inability to respond to international competition, within the next decade.

He added that INEOS’ profits in Europe have halved in the last three years, while profits in the US – where energy costs are 50% below European levels – have tripled.

vía Europe chems industry could be extinct in decade: INEOS chief.

La Industria Quimica Europea Podria Extinguirse en una Decada

Jim Ratcliffe también fue entrevistado el pasado lunes en la BBC Radio 4. Os dejamos con el link de la entrevista, que evidentemente también fue en inglés:

European chemical industry ‘threatened by rest of world’

The European chemicals industry is “ceasing to be competitive” with the rest of the world, the chief executive of chemicals giant Ineos has said.

Jim Ratcliffe explained to Radio 4’s Today programme that the industry is “very important” as it currently “employs about six million people” in Europe and “has sales of about $1 trillion”.

vía BBC News – European chemical industry ‘threatened by rest of world’.


¿Qué conclusiones sacas?

¿Es pare reflexionar, no crees?

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