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Superhydrophobic Coatings

Researchers of Bejing University, China, have developed a new facile method to fabricate a superhydrophobic surface with hierarchical nano- and microstructures. The surface was prepared through spin coating of a mixture of nano- and microsized calcium carbonate suspensions on a substrate, followed by modification of a low-surface-energy monolayer of stearic acid.

The key parameters of the fabrication of suitable surface morphologies were also investigated. Results showed that the optimum calcium carbonate content was 40 wt % and the self-cleaning property of the film was achieved only by the addition of 2 wt % microsized calcium carbonate powder and 38 wt % nanosized calcium carbonate powder. After modification with a self-assembled monolayer of stearic acid, the as-prepared coating showed self-cleaning properties with a water contact angle as high as 152.8° and a sliding angle of 7.8°. The complete study appeared in “Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research“, 50 (6)/2011, pp 30893094.

Source: CE.

More information: Hydrophilic vs Hydrophobic: The Meaning of Contact Angle.

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