Looking for Complete Building Material Protection?

Consider a performance-enhancing, post-treatment from Químicas Thái!


Staining and Soiling

Water Penetration

All reduce the aesthetic value and increase the maintenance costs of porous construction materials such as brick, concrete and stone.

We offer waterborne products for fast and easy brush, roller or low-pressure sprayer application:

Thaigard WB 9091:     penetrating graffiti repellent

Maintains the natural look of the substrate while reducing the adhesion of graffiti for its time-saving removal.

Thaiseal WB 7510 B:     horizontal masonry coating

A wet look sealer that protects against staining and reduces dirt pick-up for reduced floor care.


Thairepel WB 7560:     penetrating water-repellent

Prevents staining and freeze-thaw damage from water absorption while also stopping surface salt deposits to preserve the original surface aspect and extend the service life of the substrate.

Keep your construction project looking at its best for longer!

Contact us directly for further information.

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